About Us

Logistics India forms part of the Global Logistics Media Group. The commitment of the Group is to provide a mix of content that covers all aspects of logistics, both locally and internationally.

The Global Logistics Media Group was founded in 2009 by CEO Nigel Lewis. With a background in Logistics and Multimedia it was a natural progression to combine both skill sets and launch the Global Logistics Media Group. Over the years, Nigel has developed key relationships within the Industry and has bought together industry leaders, thought leaders and industry experts to provide in-depth analysis on the issues affecting the local and global industry. The logistics industry is constantly changing either through technology advancements, a changing economy or changing Government regulations therefore; it is important that the GLM Group continues to grow its contributor bases to provide information that will help Logistics Professionals make smart and informed business decisions.

The Logistics India website focuses on the core issues; our contributors are highly regarded within the industry and are keen to share their experience, insight and learnings. The Global Logistics Media Group is proud to partner with a number of key organizations who are regarded as industry leaders. The philosophy of the Global Logistics Media Group is to align itself with organizations that have stood the test of time, have a proven track record and understand the importance of providing their clients with products and services that can assist with growth, maximize efficiencies, and provide specialist business solutions.

The Global Logistics Media Group is committed to the logistics industry.

For more information contact info@globallogisticsmedia.com