The Global Logistics Ad Network is a great way to position your product or service at the forefront of the Global Logistics Community.

By integrating your campaign through a targeted email marketing campaign, run of site banner advertising and a customized landing page, your product or service will definitely get some great visibility.

The campaign period is for 12 months, this is so you can get the maximum returns for your investment. We can however accommodate shorter periods.

1. Global Logistics Media Websites

ROS on Home Pages on all 8 GLM Websites Collectively, approx 1 Million Page impressions. GLM Websites include: Global Logistics Media, Logistics USA, UK, Asia, India, UAE, Australia and New Zealand

Banners will appear on the Home Page of all sites and will be 1/5 shared with other advertisers. advertise

2. E-Mail Blast: 200,000 Subscribers

Your campaign will consist of 5 email blasts per year and will take place every quarter. Each email blast will consist of 50,000 emails. The last email blast will encompass the entire database which means each subscriber receives your campaign twice.

This is a great way to tweak your message and landing page to ensure you get maximum returns. Your email blast will only contain your campaign details and can include text and imagery.

3. Customized Landing Page (Optional)

Each campaign will consist of a customized landing page which will sit on all GLM websites, think of the landing page as an additional sales channel where you can position your products for sale and profile your services to receive qualified leads.

Each campaign has been designed to get you optimum results, spread throughout the year your campaign gains momentum as you get consistent exposure through ROS Banner Advertising, then inject your campaign with an email blast to 50,000 subscribers every quarter and 200,000 subscribers in the final quarter, all of which is directed to a customized landing page for sales or lead generation.

Availability and Pricing

On Request – mail

ROS Banner advertising also available