FedEx v's DHL Marketing, which image do you think is more effective

by Press Release on 2013-02-12

Over the last week our office has been divided over which image we think is the most effective. So we thought we would open it up to the Global Logistics Media Community. Just leave you comments below:



FedEx Ad

  • Comment by JON88 on 2014-10-29 21:36:03

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  • Comment by Miller on 2013-10-21 17:30:23

    Fedex win, they say everhing with this pic.

  • Comment by Cheryl on 2013-04-30 01:06:23

    The FedEx work is a powerful visual. It shows how FedEx can make people that are hundreds or thousands of miles apart seem like neighbors. Not sure why the DHL ad has storm clouds. I vote for FedEx.

  • Comment by Zuhdi on 2013-02-19 09:40:36

    i was impressed by the eye catching DHL ad but thought FedEx was more effective and simple.

  • Comment by Lee on 2013-02-15 06:40:00

    To be frankly, DHL is definitely more impressive but what will happen with the package when the courier swim thru the sea? By the way, its not safe, for both courier and the package.
    So I choose FedEx, which tells customer that it is extremely easy to ship with them.

  • Comment by abc123 on 2013-02-13 18:57:28

    DHL wins this one.

  • Comment by Harry on 2013-02-13 09:01:12

    Fedex takes this one, the picture speaks well for its relativity, DHL although very enthusiastic in the AD the visualiser needs to be more rational.