SSI Schaefer crowned top system supplier fifth year in a row

by Press Release on 2011-04-28

SSI SchaeferFor the fifth year in a row, according to Modern Materials Handling’s 14th annual ranking of worldwide materials handling system suppliers, SSI Schaefer have been ranked the number one supplier in the world for materials handling.

With US$2.19 billion in revenue, SSI Schaefer retains the top honour for the fifth consecutive year, which included the integration of Salomon Automation, a leading European systems integrator that joined the Schaefer group last year.

To qualify for Modern’s list, companies must be suppliers of materials handling systems, not just equipment providers. In addition to manufacturing at least two major handling system components, a company must also employ full-time staff that designs, installs and integrates materials handling systems.

These systems include at least two of the following: transportation devices, storage and staging equipment, picking units, sortation systems, information management systems, data capture technologies and other types of handling equipment. Companies must have a presence in North America to be considered worldwide suppliers. They must also be able to report their materials handling revenues to MMH.

Modern’s 14th-annual survey of leading materials handling systems suppliers from around the world shows that business in general is headed in a positive direction and revenue is growing again.

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