Warehouse Training On Line

by Nigel Lewis on 2010-07-01

Subsidized, NZQA-registered warehousing training has been around for years – but now there is a new tool out there.

There is an on-line warehouse training system. Trainees can set themselves up and work through the modules in their own time.  

The aim is to help save companies time, expenditure, and perhaps most significantly, help your staff understand that the work they do is extremely important in making your business run smoothly.

www.trainingforindustry.com is written and managed from New Zealand but has launched internationally and is already getting 20 unique visitors per day.  The Level 2 qualification is available now and the Level 3 will be “all-go” by the end of January.

The programme is the brainchild of Norman MacIver.  “Many businesses experience difficulties in up-skilling staff due to budgeting and time constraints.  Training for Industry provides an affordable, easy to use, online training system.  Each qualification teaches industry skills and knowledge enabling a stead improvement in individual skills”, says Norman

After reading through the training material, students answer the assessment questions.  When they reach the standard, they are invited to move on the next module.

“Our experienced and registered course designers and assessors have developed a qualification that is approved by leaders in education and the distribution industry.

Students complete the training material in eight modules, one after the other. When students have passed all eight, their Certificate of Proficiency in Storekeeping is posted to them.”

The Level 2 qualification is available now and the Level 3 will be “all-go” by the end of January.  Level 4 (Warehouse Manager-level) will follow soon after.

Keith Robinson,

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    Currently I am working as a picker/ packer. Do all the customer orders/ web orders but wonder if when I'm 65 will be capable of climbing ladders and lifting/ sliding 90 kg furniture. I have a degree from Za but totally different field. Further more I don't want to give up my job to study...

    Any suggestions?
    M sinclair

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