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Kathy RossKathy Ross, Managing director of ICOS Group of companies who have been developing software  for the transport and related industries for the last 20 years are now moving forward to be market  leaders with their new product iCOS Live ( internet cargo operating system) LIVE.

The product has been developed with passion,  innovation and  leading edge technology which is hosted  in the cloud, and  offers a highly  affordable solution to assist transport operators to streamline  and grow their businesses , by reducing paper, time and resources and what’s more they can offer their customers  and their freight forwarders highly visible real time track and trace and signature capture for proof of delivery  with the combination of  their  leading edge Android application “iCOS LIVE GO to mobile “

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Johny Key, Kathy and Hamish A Key moment for the Directors of iCOS LIVE when they met the Prime Minister John Key. Kathy and Hamish  gave him a brief overview of their Web based Transport and Logistics Management made easy software, that in conjunction with iCOS LIVE GO to Mobile Andriod App which runs on smart phones and tablets offers real time track and trace solutions which is leading edge, highly affordable and Globally accessible.

[position]Managing director of ICOS Group[/position]
[country]New Zealand[/country]

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