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Nigel Lewis - Founder, Global Logistics Media Hi, I'm Nigel Lewis, the Founder and CEO of the Global Logistics Media Group.

I have a passion for logistics, sports, Media and the online world but more importantly my wife and 3 beautiful children, holding everything together is my faith in Christ whom I lean on constantly.

I hope my Blog posts give you a deeper understanding into my life and my business, it's going to be a great journey so please introduce yourself, you can email me at

God Bless and Take Care

Nigel Lewis
CEO - Global Logistics Media

[position]Founder and Editor at Global Logistics Media[/position]
[country]New Zealand[/country]

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  • 27/12/2011   UPS, you cant get away that easily

    Over the last week FedEx has been getting hammered in the realms of social media and of late main stream news. Its stems from a video that was taken of a FedEx delivery driver throwing a computer monitor over a customers fence. What makes this unique is that it was actually caught on camera however I suspect this type of delivery technique is common practice among delivery drivers.