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Peter DiehmPeter Diehm has over fifteen years’ experience in supply chain management working in Europe and the United States.

His education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration ICC (Industriefachwirt) from the Industrial Chamber of Commerce in Mannheim, Germany and a Master of Management Degree from Cambridge College, Cambridge, Massachusetts where his thesis (ILP) addressed how a distribution company can become more environmentally friendly in their office environment and operations. Peter has also received a Citation in Sustainable Development from the Harvard University Extension School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he concentrated his studies on carbon footprint calculations of the logistics supply chain and green buildings.

In 2010 Peter started “carpe diehm sustainable supply chain” a website offering free sustainability education for the Supply Chain/Logistics Professional. Please visit and have a look.

[position]Owner of Website Carpe Diehm[/position]

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