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Rob O’ByrneRob O’Byrne is the founder, owner and CEO of Logistics Bureau Group (now 6 businesses) providing a broad range of Supply Chain and Logistics consulting, benchmarking and education services. Rob has over 35 years experience in Supply Chain and Logistics and has an MSc in Logistics from Cranfield University in the UK.

Whilst Rob calls Sydney home, he operates from Logistics Bureau’s offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Bangkok, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City where Logistics Bureau provides services to many of the world’s leading businesses and organisations. 

Rob’s areas of specific interest are in Supply Chain strategy alignment and concepts such as cost to serve which he uses to assist organisations to improve performance and reduce costs.


As well as leading major consulting projects, Rob has two main passions. 


Education, through his Supply Chain School which has a thriving and very active membership, Rob's purpose is to help our next crop of industry leaders to succeed.  He puts this quite simply as "we share with our members 1,000 years of collective hard won knowledge".  This is possible through a wide range of programs from faculty members all over the World.


Helping those less fortunate than ourselves.  Rob and the Logistics Bureau team do this by partnering with the Buy One Give One 'Business for Good' Program.  Rob's aim in 2014 is to reach 2 million giving impacts. You can check their progress here.  Thanks a Million.


One of the more 'diverse' parts of the Logistics Bureau Group, is an Outsourcing Centre in the Philippines.  Set up to provide employment and long term careers for bright young people in a poor area of the Philippines; Virtual Done Well provides back office support to Logistics Bureau and a growing number of external SME clients and entrepreneurs.


As Rob enjoys pointing out though, this Outsourcing Centre is 'Really Cool'.  Because it is majority owned and managed by the local staff! So it's really more of a Social Enterprise.


Group Managing Director - Logistics Bureau
Mobile: +61 417 417 307

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