Incredible Super Transporter, Airbus Beluga

The A300-600 Beluga took its maiden flight on the 13 September 1994, with only 5 ever produced all are still in active service.

Their primary task is to carry Airbus components ready for final assembly across Europe to Toulouse or Hamburg, but they are also available for charter work, and have been used to carry a variety of special loads, including space station components, large, very delicate artwork, industrial machinery, and entire helicopters

Length: 56.15 metres (184 ft 3 in)
Span: 44.84 metres (147 ft 1 in)
Height: 17.24 metres (56 ft 7 in)
Weight empty: 86 t
Maximum take-off weight: 155 t
Range (40 ton payload): 2,779 kilometres (1,501 nmi)
Range (26 ton payload): 4,632 kilometres (2,501 nmi)
Cargo capacity: 47 t
Cargo volume: 1,210 cubic metres (43,000 cu ft)
Cockpit crew: Two

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